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Naturopathy Medicine

We all are fed up of the side effects of different medicine systems, whenever we suffer from a disease we use different medicines to fulfill our desire to fight disease because these medicines promise cure and it happens often that these cures suppress the symptoms of the disease at the cost of permanent injury to our bodies. But how we can avoid using poisonous drugs, serums, invasive surgeries, x rays and radiations to avoid their side effects?

The question has an answer………Nature cure or naturopathy. Naturopathy is a method that uses inner capacities of human organism to heal diseases and seeks for solutions in the natural surroundings and the capacities of human beings, it covers all the methods of treating diseases, which cooperate with the body’s natural forces and defense mechanisms.
This particular medicine system has its own philosophy; its philosophy of life, health and illness is different from others. Its philosophy is to treat whole person not some parts or diseases, following definite physical, chemical, biological, mental and spiritual laws.

Naturopathy is basically a treatment method which cures diseases and improves health by the help of nature, through the natural forces present within human body and the natural elements like water, diet, heat, air etc.
Human body has a specific balance of different forces, elements and chemicals in it, but by the carelessness of human beings the balance of body is disturbed. Naturopathy claims that this balance can be restored only if we provide the original or necessary natural surroundings to the body again.

Naturopathy means healing within, it says that nature heals and cures different diseases and human body has power to correct itself and restore its balance naturally through the air it breaths, the water it drinks and the food it eats.
The only job of a naturopathic physician is the intelligent assistance and interpretation of natural laws for the patients, he educates people about self control and right habits of living, thereby preventing diseases by following laws of nature, they tell people how to use the life force within them to affect cures and create internal defense against diseases and ill health.

According to naturopaths the true cause of impaired health lies in our failure to comply with the laws and requirements of life they view sickness as a generalized breakdown of the body in response to unnatural events in the environment and it can be remedied by overall strengthening of body’s resistance. In their view germs are not specific disease causing entities but parasites that attack a weakened body, which has fallen into unbalanced conditions. The naturopaths consider vague energies and vibrations in a body, cause and cure of diseases. They use some devices, which supposedly tap these spiritual forces for the diagnosis of different diseases. They use Iridology(an offbeat diagnostic technique based on the notion that any disorder anywhere in the body signals its presence through signs in the iris of the eye), Rediesthesia (a technique of passing a pendulum around the patient’s body and noting deviations that pinpoint the site of his or her problem) etc for diagnosing a disease.

The panoply of remedies for naturopathy is spiritual as well as physical, it uses natural herbs and nutritional supplements, biofeedback, relaxation techniques, acupuncture, massage, water baths or hydro therapy, heat treatments, fasting, hypnosis, reflexology and joint manipulation, realignment of the cranial bones, pop psychology, positive thinking nostrums, breath work, exercise and yoga, magnetic healing, faith healing, copper bracelets for arthritis and crystal healings etc for prevention and cure of several diseases. Naturopathy treats minor to acute and terminal illnesses like common cold to cancer, heart and other degenerative diseases.

Nature cure or naturopathy is not new to the world; in different times every civilization has used naturopathy to cure ailments, disorders and diseases. All the forms of alternate system of medicines derived their growth from naturopathy, however, it has developed into a regular science during last two hundred years and now thousands of people in many countries are being benefited by it.

Basically there are three aspects of naturopathy, first, living a healthy living or natural living to avoid diseases, second it is a natural process which uses natural forces to cure a disease and third, it uses natural elements for restoring health.
The best thing about naturopathy is that it has no side effects and if it has any they are not harmful at all.

Naturopathy believes that nature offers all the solutions, answers and remedies to us, the only need is to believe in power of nature, the fruits will come on their own.